Kurt Gutierrez, CEO

Kurt’s achievements include shipping 10 AAA games, designer on six Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater titles, four mobile games released as lead Unity designer, lead game designer on Epic Skater (Top 100 grossing US Sports Charts), lead on indie title Pop a Wheelie webgl sold to and the 8th employee of DAQRI, with years of AR design experience.

Dan Scarpelli, CTO

Dan obtained his BS in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University in 1998 and has worked for large Fortune 500 companies such as Experian, Acxiom and the Tribune. He has also developed an office builder app for the hololens, and med case scenarios on the gearVR/vuforia.

Jimmy Gonzalez, Programmer

Working in AI, game mechanics, augmented reality and general gameplay, Jimmy graduated in 2017 with a Bachelors in Computer Science.

Joe Armienti, Programmer

Joe’s specializes in Unity c# game development, shaders/image effects and augmented reality. Joe has worked on the indie games Red Shift, Tokyo Runner, Top Secret, Throwdown, and currently heading the development on Fancy Turnip’s internal AR project LRN2.

Maddox Max, Technical Producer

Maddox’s skills include project management, game-play programming and technical art.

Emon Montgomery, Audio Engineer

Specialties include music production, audio and general programming. Emon has worked on the indie games Don’t Forget To Blink, Elemental Throwdown, Mad Love, Throwdown.

3D Art Team

Our 3D art team offers 3d models (cartoony and realistic), animation, rigging and environments from concept to final. We have the ability to dedicate six members of the team simultaneously on any given project.

Necklace, UI/UX

Necklace has a Bachelors in Human Computer Interaction, and has worked for Lenovo and Ember Entertainment, with years of experience in the UI/UX field.

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